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Natural Capital Monitor

National Forest 1
The National Forest

Natural capital is the elements of nature that directly or indirectly produce value to people including ecosystems, species, freshwater, land, minerals, air and oceans, as well as natural processes and functions.

The Midlands Engine has natural assets that bring many benefits to our region’s people and businesses. By valuing our Natural Capital we can protect the natural world, our economy and residents. Protecting and enabling the recovery of our natural world will help avert both the climate crisis and the decline of biodiversity. The Natural Capital Monitor places a value on our region’s natural assets so that we can better protect them.

A green valley filled with purple heather, a river flows through the middle and the sun is rising to the left of the image
Peak District, Derbyshire

The Monitor is supported by Environment Agency, Natural England, Woodland Trust and the National Trust.

A river, wind turbine, electric vehicle charger and a leaf highlighting the green growth initiative
Ten Point Plan for Green Growth in the Midlands Engine

Our Ten Point Plan for Green Growth in the Midlands Engine sets out, with a unified voice, the actions to be taken in partnership which will accelerate our region’s and the UK’s path to net zero.

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Green Growth

Feb 21 2024

De Montfort University to host Leadership and Innovation Summit for Sustainable Design

The sustainable design community is gearing up for a standout one-day design and manufacturing leadership and innovation summit created by Sustainability ROX.

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Image of Nottingham Trent University and University of Nottingham campus buildings | climate change educational hub

Green Growth

Jan 23 2024

Nottingham universities to host East Midlands climate change education hub

A partnership between Nottingham’s two universities will host an East Midlands hub of a £2m national programme offering every school, college and university in England free access to expert support to become greener and more climate resilient.

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Nottingham trent housing efficiency

Green Growth

Jan 19 2024

Nottingham Trent research finds retrofitting existing renewable energy tech can make existing homes carbon zero

Inefficient UK homes, which were built decades ago, can do away with their gas boilers and get all their energy needs off-grid by retrofitting a combination of existing renewable energy technologies, new research shows.

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