Coventry launches its year as UK City of Culture with the release of a George Eliot-inspired film

Date posted: May 15, 2021
Coventry rememberance

Today, 15 May 2021, Coventry marks the beginning of its year as UK City of Culture with the premiere of a new film, TIMELESS WORDS MADE NEW.

The film takes inspiration from the words of George Eliot, who lived in the city, setting her words to a new music track specially created for the film by one of the city’s hottest talents, Coolie.

It will be released at 20:21, reflecting the year, on the City of Culture website.

Coolie is one of the pioneers of the booming Coventry music scene, known for his work with other Coventry artists including Jay1.

The film takes us on a journey around the city led by Coolie, highlighting what being a City of Culture means to him, in a city he feels has often been overlooked.

As George Eliot’s timeless words are projected onto Coventry’s iconic mid-Century cityscape, Coolie takes the viewer on a personal tour of his city as it emerges from the challenges of the past year to be UK City of Culture.

Mary Ann Evans, writing under the pseudonym George Eliot so her work could be taken ‘more seriously’, was the acclaimed writer of Middlemarch (1871), which is said to be a fictionalised version of Victorian Coventry.

She lived at Bird Grove House in Coventry in her formative 20s in the 1840s, and was earlier schooled in the city.

Chenine Bhathena, Creative Director of City of Culture Trust said:

TIMELESS WORDS MADE NEW will put the words of one of our amazing women at the centre of the emotional and cultural renewal of our nation.

This dynamic film and its compelling soundtrack, speak to who we are as a city, putting our powerful social history at the centre of our future.

It marks the start of what will be an incredible year for Coventry and the re-start of our cultural lives.

Coventry, the city that moves, is known around the world as a city of invention and reinvention.

From its rebuilding after WWII, when its city centre was destroyed in the Blitz, it has become a symbol of resilience and rebirth.

It has been at the heart of several musical pioneers and movements, from Delia Derbyshire to 2Tone and rave and house.

Celebrating the city’s youthfulness, diversity and the role that women have played in creating the city it is today, are all major themes of its year as UK City of Culture.

The launch of the UK City of Culture year was delayed until today due to the outbreak of Coronavirus, and a major signature event – Coventry Moves – will take place on Saturday 5 June.

Experienced across the nation through a major partnership with the BBC and extensive broadcast, online and social media content, Coventry Moves will tell the story of the city’s pioneering past, present and future throughout the day.

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