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Powering energy security

A collaborative Midlands approach to shaping national policy

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Policy White Papers: demonstrating our region’s strengths and opportunities

As part of our Business Plan 2023-26, we are developing a series of White Papers. These will promote, highlight and demonstrate strengths and opportunities across the Midlands, identifying how industry and other partners can work alongside government for regional and national benefit.

The Midlands Engine Energy Security White Paper will be a part of this series, building on the work of our Ten Point Plan for Green Growth.

The White Paper will be a highly significant document, helping to shape and inform national policy and investment decisions, and emphasising the significance of the Midlands to the UK’s transition to a secure, low-carbon energy system. It will also highlight the achievement of related national policy priorities, such as economic growth, net zero and levelling up.

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Energy security: a national priority

The Government has identified energy security as a top priority, with the publication of its Powering Up Britain: Energy Security Plan.

In the report, it defines energy security as ‘the smooth transition to abundant, low-carbon energy’ essentially ‘increasing the overall share of domestic energy production and reducing energy demand.’

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Developing the White Paper

The finished product will be an informative, concise and easy-to-read White Paper, supported by case studies, images and appealing visual content. It will also feature a succinct executive summary and an appendix with supporting detail.
It will include:

  • The scope, nature and scale of opportunities across the Midlands to support energy transition.
  • Challenges and barriers to achieving these, both for the Midlands and the UK as a whole.
  • National policies and policy mechanisms such as Energy Innovation Zones, Freeports and Investment Zones, and investment decisions, which can harness opportunities in the Midlands to unlock private investment.
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The Energy Security Taskforce

The development of the White Paper will be led by a pan-regional Midlands Engine Energy Security Taskforce. This will comprise industry leaders, leading experts and senior representatives from local government, all geared towards ensuring that evidence, policy proposals and the suggested routemap are given a robust regional focus.

It will be chaired by cross bench peer The Lord Daniel Ravensdale and the Midlands Engine Green Growth Board Chaired by Professor Martin Freer will maintain oversight of the White Paper’s development and deployment.

How to Get Involved in the Taskforce

We are inviting leaders and experts from across industry, local government and academia to join the Midlands Engine Energy Security Taskforce and lead our Partnership’s policy-thinking for the Energy Security White Paper. The Taskforce will formally meet on three occasions and be chaired by The Lord Daniel Ravensdale. The Midlands Engine secretariat alongside a consultancy supplier will support the Taskforce in development of the white paper.

For further information and/or if you would be interested in accepting our invitation to join the Taskforce, please contact