Midlands Good Work Charter

Promoting an inclusive regional economy and social equality

Following on from the successes of similar initiatives in other parts of the UK, Acas (the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service) has been invited by key collaborative partners to lead the creation of a Midlands Good Work Charter.

Across the UK, the Good Work concept, or variants of it, is being encouraged as a tool to support business competitiveness, promote inclusive regional economies and reduce social inequalities.

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Why champion a Midlands Good Work Charter?

For two important reasons:

  1. It’s the right thing to do. All jobs should provide for the material, social, physical and mental wellbeing of workers.
  2. Because it’s good for business. The evidence shows that better jobs raise productivity and innovation and help staff recruitment and retention.
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Get involved and support your workforce

The Midlands already has a wealth of businesses that offer good jobs, but more needs to be achieved. Good jobs need to be the standard for all businesses in the region if we’re to boost productivity and innovation, and achieve inclusive growth. So it’s right that the Midlands now has a Good Work Charter to help its businesses and communities thrive.

The Midland’ Good Work Charter draws on what works. It can’t address all our region’s economic and social challenges, but it is another and important tool in the toolbox to help make the region a more attractive place to work and live.

By adopting the Charter, employers can access and adopt a set of clear employment practices that will lead to significant benefits – for individual businesses and our region as a whole.

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