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Midlands Engine Digital Conference: Workshop 5

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This workshop, led by Steve Lovatt (Stoke-on-Trent City Council) discusses progressing a vision for city-wide advanced connectivity to significantly boost the local economy.

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Midlands Engine Digital Conference

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Semi conductor report


Jan 18 2024

Semiconductors in the Midlands: New cluster snapshot published

A new Midlands Engine cluster snapshot finds the design, development and production of semi conductors offers significant opportunities for the region's economy.

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Future telecoms graphic


Jan 11 2024

Future telecommunications in the Midlands: New Cluster Snapshot published

A new Midlands Engine Cluster Snapshot finds our region's future telecommunications offer growing opportunities for the Midlands economy.

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Economic Opportunities

Oct 16 2023

AI and the exceptional scale of opportunity in the Midlands: new cluster report published
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