Building Resilience into the UK’s Life Sciences Sector – how the power of clustering is helping business thrive

Date posted: November 17, 2022
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A Charnwood Campus Cluster event, part of a series of events to support the growth and success of the life science organisations clustered around Charnwood Campus Science, Innovation and Technology Park.

Business leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators and stakeholders gathered at Charnwood Campus to hear how our successful local business are improving their resilience as part of the 2022 Leicester Business Festival. The COVID pandemic, energy prices, climate change, supply chain issues and geopolitical tensions have brought the need for business resilience to the fore. Being able to read the headwinds that your business is facing and develop appropriate strategies to allow you business to thrive are essential. With latest news that Britain may be facing a long recession, increasing interest rates and corporation tax, along with other factors such as skills shortages our speakers delighted delegates with “tales from the trenches” and offered evidence-based solutions to those who are also facing these problems. The sessions were expertly Chaired by Stefan Ogrodzink and Faz Chowdhury who brought a wealth of experience and a touch of humour to proceedings leading to avid discussion and excellent delegate participation in both sessions.

Gosia Khrais, Commercial Director at Charnwood Campus said: “Today’s event on building business resilience is addressing a pertinent topic for our cluster companies. Being able to share the expertise within our cluster to assist other companies is essential for the regions success and highlights the power of clustering. The event is part of the Charnwood Campus Cluster Support Package that the Campus Team developed around 4 pillars: Skills, Leadership, NHS and Academia Collaboration and Cluster Support Events, which are increasing opportunities for our local companies to become inspired, embrace innovation, capable of building resilient and scalable business and ultimately driving the UK forward as a scientific superpower.”.

Chris Hobson, Director of Policy and External Affairs at East Midlands Chamber said “The past few years have demonstrated the importance of not taking business resilience for granted. Successful businesses – like individuals – actively seeking to build their resilience through a focus on people, planning and decision making.  The life sciences sector is a leader in this regard and it’s brilliant to bring together the best examples of businesses being proactive in this space so others can learn and the sector as a whole can strengthen.”’

Stefan Ogrodzinski, CEO BioStatus Group, said “UK Life Science businesses play a critical role in the Nation’s health, wealth, and resilience. Innovation and technological advances ensure speedier diagnosis and better treatment of debilitating diseases, improving quality of life for all. Building business resilience is therefore essential if our sector is not only to survive but thrive through the many global challenges that lie ahead.”

Faz Chowdhury, CEO of Nemaura Pharma Ltd and Nemaura Medical Inc., said “At a time when we find that the capital markets are devastating young ambitious companies, we are also seeing that inward investment is still buoyant where the fundamentals are right. This is proof that long-term vision and strategy are fundamental cornerstones to developing businesses that can weather all climates.”

Malcolm Youll, Managing Director of Weiss Technik said “The current economic climate means that ensuring your business can read the headwinds and identify strategies to allow a business to reach its targets is imperative. Being able to come together with like-minded life sciences business to share my experience and learn from others in the cluster is essential to ensure the future of our industry. I would recommend joining these events to all life sciences businesses in the region, to facilitate cluster growth and regional prosperity.”

Graeme Cameron, CEO, Pennine Healthcare said “The UK Life Science Industry has correctly, been identified as a key driver of future economic prosperity. All our lives revolve around health so if we can build a healthy population, both physically and mentally, then we can build a healthy business community and society. We have witnessed significant challenges in supply chains, regulation and costs over the last 24 months so never has it been more critical to meet and discuss how to build strong and resilient Life Science organisations which can protect ad improve the lives of our population.”

Rachael Bull, Engage and Grow, said “Having engaged people in the right roles doing the right things with the right behaviours is critical for growing a resilient business. It was wonderful to share how we have been working to help create a thriving company culture and to hear how our other speakers have been implementing cultures that will drive business success.”

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