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The Midlands is the home of UK manufacturing. The world’s original industrial powerhouse, we continue to lead the world in manufacturing ingenuity and invention.

Ours is a region that boasts nationally and internationally significant strengths in health and life sciences, aerospace, agri-tech, automotive and transport, ceramics, heating and energy generation, and much more; powering people and unlocking productivity for growth and prosperity.

Midlands manufacturers generate £36 billion GVA for the UK economy each year, with huge potential for more. With a unique concentration of R&D energy infrastructure and wide-ranging manufacturing capabilities, the Midlands is ideally placed to become a national and global centre for net zero technology. Innovation strengths include advanced materials and manufacturing, electronics, photonics, energy and environment technologies.

As new challenges arise such as changing import and export patterns and the growth of digital technologies, our manufacturing sector is innovating and adapting – we are seizing exceptional opportunities for growth. Recently, the Midlands Engine Observatory has conducted research, in consultation with partners, to better understand the strengths and challenges within the manufacturing sector. The first part of this research covers the range of products already made in our region, and the second explores the potential opportunities for manufacturing.

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The Midlands is the home of UK manufacturing



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Sir John Peace

“The Midlands accounts for 22% of all England’s exports and generates £239 billion for the UK economy. The majority of that comes from the manufacturing sector. Our region was the original global manufacturing pioneer and we continue to lead the world through our innovative responses in the fields of advanced manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, MedTech, food and drink, and much more.

Through consistent, scaled up public and private sector investment in our region’s immense manufacturing power and potential, from our SMEs to Midlands based major global players, we will continue to bring, and grow true wealth into our region and our country.”

Sir John Peace, Chairman, Midlands Engine


Latest news

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May 9 2023

Industry calls for Royal Commission on Industrial Strategy – Make UK report

Britain’s manufacturers are calling for the establishment of a Royal Commission as a starting point to develop a long term, modern Industrial Strategy which would help provide companies with a vision and a stable environment to invest, access talent and grow their business.

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Economic Opportunities

Mar 23 2023

Space Park Leicester makes £89m impact on economy in first year
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Feb 10 2023

Midlands manufacturer Protolabs’ launch 3D Printing DFM analysis for a faster turnaround

Midlands manufacturer Protolabs has launched Design for Manufacturability analysis for 3D printed parts, offering peace of mind to manufacturers across Europe

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