Consumer research shows lack of Electric Vehicle charge points a barrier for uptake

Date posted: March 1, 2024
close-up image of an electric car plugged into a charging point
  • More than half of motorists say lack of charge points put them off purchasing an electric vehicle (EV)
  • 62% of EV owners think there aren’t enough public charge points
  • 79% of EV owners have made a detour to find a charging point; 18% of EV users said this was more than five miles
  • Research published ahead of Midlands Connect’s EV Conference, taking place on 7 March.

Consumer research conducted by Midlands Connect has shown a lack of EV charge points is a barrier for consumers choosing to purchase an EV and a hinderance for those who already own an EV.

The results from a survey of more than 2,500 people across the Midlands reveal a lack of public charging points is a concern for 57% of motorists and is a factor that puts them off switching to an EV. Price (76%) and anxiety about battery range (55%) were also issues highlighted by respondents.

The research also revealed 97% of people who do not yet own an EV would be willing to travel up to five miles to access a charging point for their EV, yet just under half (44%) were not confident they could find a public EV charging point within this distance.

Just under two-thirds (62%) of those who already own an EV think there are not enough public charge points available for use. A majority of 80% of EV users reported feeling worried they were low on battery charge and not close to an EV charging station and 79% have had to take a detour on a journey to find a charging point; of these, 18% of detours were more than five miles long.
The research has been published ahead of Midlands Connect’s EV Conference, taking place virtually on 7 March 2023. The conference will bring together senior leaders and policymakers to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing the Electric Vehicle industry.

Maria Machancoses, CEO of Midlands Connect, commented:

“Our research shows the lack of charge points is a barrier for those who do not own an EV, and we know there is a need to increase EV charger roll-out across the Midlands. We also want to make sure people who have already chosen to purchase an EV are having the best experience possible and will continue to choose EVs over polluting petrol and diesel vehicles in the future. However, many have experienced anxiety due to a lack of charge points or have had to make a detour due to a lack of charge points in their area. Choosing to purchase an EV needs to be a more attractive option for consumers if we are to reduce harmful emissions and tackle climate change. One way we can tackle this is to increase the roll-out of EV chargers across the region.”


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