Midlands Engine Regional Economic Observatory to become a reality

Date posted: April 4, 2018
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The Midlands Engine is powering ahead with plans to create a Midlands Economic Observatory and is inviting proposals from potential providers.

Fiona Piercy, Midlands Engine Programme Director said:

In the Midlands Engine Vision for Growth our partners committed to create a Midlands Economic Observatory.  In order to help us focus efforts and resources most effectively across our strategic programme of activities, we need up-to-date practical and applicable analysis to inform our policy choices within the context of Government’s Industrial Strategy.

We require a robust evidence base and the development of granular knowledge of the Midlands economy and sector base in order to fully understand and exploit our economic strengths, and respond to the demands of a Brexit-ready economy.

The tender opportunity is open to both public and private organisations and we encourage collaboration across sectors and welcome consortium bids from firms that otherwise may not have the full range of capacity or expertise to deliver on an individual basis.’’

The Midlands is already home to a variety of economic observatory bodies and economic intelligence units.  The Midlands Engine Economic Observatory will complement rather than duplicate these, delivering economic analysis which builds our knowledge of opportunities and weaknesses now, and also looks over the horizon to develop a comprehensive view of what the Midlands could look like in 2030 and what we need to get there.

Fiona said, “The Economic Observatory will support the work of our strategic programme groups including trade and investment, skills, innovation and enterprise, and shaping places.  It will add value to our proposals to Government and other bodies by providing a strong evidence base to inform decisions that will drive economic growth and productivity within the region and deliver increased prosperity for all Midlanders.”

Further details about the tender process are available through the e-tendering portal, www.eastmidstenders.org

The Midlands Engine Strategic Priorities are:

  • Transport and Connectivity programme (‘Midlands Connect’)
  • Trade and Investment Programme
  • Skills Programme
  • Innovation and Enterprise Programme
  • Shaping Great Places Programme
  • 5G Project
  • Management and Leadership Institute
  • Midlands Engine Investment Fund

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